Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tw1tleaks - Opinions you won't find on Twitter

Now that the world's interest in Wikileaks has subsided perhaps we can move on to @tw1tleaks?:)

Woah someone is trying to say something about what's going on in Egypt:

Tw1tleaks is a hack that let's you tweet anonymously. Imagine you have something you really want said but don't dare say yourself. Have tw1tleaks say it for you. It's dead simple -

0. Follow @tw1tleaks
1. Be patient and @tw1tleaks will follow you back
2. Send a private direct message to @tw1tleaks with whatever it is you don't want to tweet yourself
3. @tw1tleaks will tweet it for you so that anyone (including you) can RT it. (your DM will be deleted)

Oops - looks like someone had an odd experience at the twitter developer conference. That's kind of funny I think I'll retweet that

VoilĂ - hope this adds some nuance to electronic communication. Enjoy.
Thanks @starkness for inviting tw1tleaks to Stanford!

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