Monday, October 19, 2009

Cooking for looking loves your submissions

Some of you might have stumbled upon a fun blog of mine recently - Cooking for looking - an attempt to define culinary surrealism - making food that tastes great but doesn't necessarily look like food. (Or making a dish that looks like a different kind of dish e.g. looks just like a burger but is actually a dessert - I challenge you to make that one!:=) . I had been doing this for some time myself and was then encouraged by friends to spread the surrealism online.

These kinds of blogs have grown in popularity recently and the Times even ran an article on Cakewrecks the other day. Now, Cooking for looking is somewhat of the opposite of Cakewrecks - or for that matter - (I follow both) in that you show off your culinary bravado rather than your #fails. So good luck and share your creations on cookingforlooking at Oh, and check out the edible garden ... before the edible mummy wrecks it all.

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